The company ‘Fameli Furniture’ specializes in the furniture industry since 1971, with significant presence in the Greek market (in the field of wholesale and retail) covering all the needs of its customers.

The company specializes in the design and manufacture of outdoor furniture and indoor and bespoke (custom made) emphasizing functionality, high quality and aesthetics.

The ‘Fameli Furniture’ explores and creates new ideas and discovers new forms  adapting the old to the new with innovative methods. Interwoven with modern architecture emphasizes the detail of initial construction phase to the formation and equipment of each space.

The expertise and our long history, enables us to manufacture all kinds of furniture (investment, upholstery, restorations, custom made any construction of external and internal space).

The ‘Fameli Furniture’ work with the best architects and interior designers in Greece and abroad and will be happy to serve you in specially designed room show (1600 m²) in Piraeus.